Onecoin Scam, True Or False?

What do you think about cryptocurrency? This digital money becomes very popular at this time. Digital money comes to change the human paradigm about payment system. 2009 was a time when a new digital currency established to the financial world and internet. The founder of this idea is Bitcoin. Bitcoin as the pioneer of this cryptocurrency system is in the first position of cryptocurrency market. But, there is a prediction that OneCoin can knockout Bitcoin and become the winner. The development of OneCoin is very great. But, some people worry about OneCoin scam. Several people state that OneCoin is a scam. They do not trust that OneCoin is serious company. They have several evidences for their opinion. One of the cases is about the founder of OneCoin, Dr Ruja Ignatova. They claimed that Dr Ruja Ignatova does not have synchronous document. Based on the information at, she graduated from the University of Oxford in 2004. But, the scanned certificate at OneCoin states that she finished her program in 2009. There is no evident for the document from 2004. The other OneCoin workers also give evidence about OneCoin scam. Nigel Allan and Sebastian Greenwood who work in a number of capacities at OneCoin review were involved in some scam operations. Moreover, OneCoin has a partner named Aurum Coin. This is recognnized as OneCoin’s apparent partner. Aurum coin has seen only a few activities since November 2014. The quality of hosted content is still poor for international business run by native speaker. These evidences make OneCoin looks as a scam.

But, the members of OneCoin state that OneCoin is not a scam. The members do not believe with OneCoin scam. They believe that OneCoin gives them many chances to earn money. There are various programs that can allow each member to make profits. One coin also provides OneAcademy. It is an online eduction progam. It is used as an introduction for financial and trading.  The students are given video presentations, reading materials, certificate to explore the OneExchange, and quizzes. There are several packages that differ in price. Every package includes varied level to access OneAcademy.

According the report, the currency at OneCoin has risen 75 times from its starting price. OneCoin started its currency from only 0.1 USD per coin. The development of OneCoin shows that there will be a big opportunity for OneCoin to be the leader in digital currency. OneCoin utilizes the most recent technology to provide long term value for each investor. This company also seeks better concept than other cryptocurrency company.

Far from OneCoin scam, OneCoin members believe that OneCoin management knows and appreciates every its member effort. The company will give all kinds of inducement for the OneCoin members. It is aimed to help the business of the members with their team effectively. There are special promotions each 3-6 months. These promotions allow you to get an opportunity to join the leadership team. The rewards are very great. You can find various rewards from gold to a car. The rewards are changed each cycle.